Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hinton Hunt: Separate lance arms and Prussian Light cavalry

I have posted up some stuff on the Hinton Hunter blog on my Prussian contingent, which I have finished over the last 6-8 weeks. I have a conspicuous lack of light cavalry, so if anyone has any to swap I would be glad to hear from you. I do have four Prussian Lancers with separate arms, but these arms are missing - I also have the same problem with some FN44 Polish Guard Lancers so if anyone has a supply of these or a source for their replacement I would be very glad to know.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wanted - British Light Infantry Buglers


Trying to refurb 4 regiments of Les Higgins Napoleonic British Light Infantry. Everything fine, but no decent source of compatible buglers. I have various combinations of converted s-range rifles buglers with new heads - all that. Need something which is significantly more acceptable than that.

Had been quite excited by the new HaT (plastic) set 8186 - British Peninsular War Infantry, which contains very attractive bugler figure with a choice of heads. Alas, figures are very small - no use. Running out of options - the only acceptable figure I am aware of in the scale is the Hinton Hunt Light Infantry bugler - slight mystery here, because I had one (painted up as HLI, which I sold to Ron through eBay!) yet I can't find it in the VINTAGE20MIL lists for HH.

Any other ideas? I need just 4 buglers. Is the new Hinton Compatriots range likely to extend to a Brit LI bugler in the near future? And would I need to buy complete battalions to get some?

As ever, all clues most welcome!



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New 'Hinton Compatriots' - Austrian Napoleonic Infantry in Helmets

I am pleased to show below the first figure masters of my new Hinton Hunt Compatible Napoleonic Range. The range has been named 'Hinton Compatriots' to signify the compatibility with that range.
The first set of six figures comprises: Fusilier, NCO, Drummer, Pioneer, Officer and Ensign of the Austrian (German Regts) in Helmets. The final flag carried by the Ensign will be engraved with the Austrian 1792 Ordinarstandarte.

The figures are designed and sculptured by A.C.Stadden and are the exact same scale as Hinton Hunt. See below comparison of new fusilier to Hinton Hunt Austrians:

My objective with the range is to make available to myself (and anybody else that is interested) a selection of figures of different nationalities that are Hinton compatible and fill the many gaps that now exists since the Hinton Hunt range is now defunct and any available figures are scarce, poor quality and expensive.

The next series will be as above but Hungarian regiments in Helmets - Advancing to compliment the first series. The production plan includes Grenadiers, Jagers, Mounted Officers and Cavalry, Artillery Crew and Guns/Limbers. The Infantry will also be produced in a Charging, Marching and Firing series. I am also considering doing later infantry with shako's subject to demand to complete the Austrians.
Each series will include all the elements of the battalion as the first does.

Other nationalities are also being planned - Including British in Stovepipes and Early French. I am open to suggestions and requests however.

Anybody interested please contact me with requests, commitments, orders etc. I will be able to set pricing when all the bills are in!
I should state that I do not wish this to be a full blown money making business and I am planning just to recover costs with pricing.
I also may only be offering in battalion sets at first since the molds will be set up that way.
I currently expect the figures to be available in about 3 weeks.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personal Wants List - first ever post....

This is definitely sticking a cautious toe in the water - Ron, if this is inappropriate then please strangle it.

I'm currently working on adding a 1812-vintage Spanish division to my Allied Peninsular army. There is precious little in the way of suitable figures for this - if you don't want 1808 guys in bicorns or those pantomime grenadiers with the jelly-bags hanging from their hats. I have a number of these little OOP fellas - Minifigs s-range Spanish infantry advancing - catalog #SN-1s - and I could use a bunch more of them. Anybody have any? - painted? - unpainted?
Anybody fancy doing some casting? I approached Minifigs US, and they seemed quite interested in producing some copies, then suddenly the radio went dead, and now they won't reply. If anyone would be interested in a little judicious repro work - just in the interests of reseach, of course...
Seriously - anyone got any SN-1s, please get in touch.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New & Reproduced Vintage Figures available from John Cunningham

Les Higgins Marlburian - New Figures (From Ron Marshall Collection)

Les Higgins ECW (from Ron Marshall Collection)

Les Higgins - Marlburian 36 poses/variants, figures 35p, horses 45p, guns £2 GBP (2 more figures to be added shortly)

Les Higgins - English Civil War 14 poses, figures 40p, horses 45p, gun £2 GBP (2 more figures to be added shortly)

Douglas Miniatures - Marlburian 7 poses figures/horses 40p GBP ( Horse Grenadier to be added shortly)

Irish Piquets ( suitable 1740s, WAS/Culloden) 8 poses 50p GBP (range to be expanded to include British Grenadiers)

Sepoys (Wellington in India) 6 poses (Madras, Bengal, Bombay) Euros 80 cents each ( more to come)

Akalis (Sikh Fanatics) 7 poses, Euros 80 cents each

Wodensfeld - Seven Years War French 36 piece set, includes command, marching, march attack, advancing, wounded etc, each figure is different, £18 GBP a set - (if demand is there, may sell single figures)

Place orders or request full details of all the ranges available from John Cunningham

will post anywhere at cost

Payment by Paypal only outside UK in GBP, Cheques accepted from UK buyers only

(Posted at the request of John Cunningham)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prefer Trade: 5 Original 25mm Hinchcliffe ACW9

see my list of wants (to be added)
You can contact me here: Lazylimey

Prefer Trade: 10 Original 25mm Hinchcliffe ACW3

see my list of wants (to be added)
You can contact me here: Lazylimey


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This is a repository for all who wish to use it.

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