Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wanted - British Light Infantry Buglers


Trying to refurb 4 regiments of Les Higgins Napoleonic British Light Infantry. Everything fine, but no decent source of compatible buglers. I have various combinations of converted s-range rifles buglers with new heads - all that. Need something which is significantly more acceptable than that.

Had been quite excited by the new HaT (plastic) set 8186 - British Peninsular War Infantry, which contains very attractive bugler figure with a choice of heads. Alas, figures are very small - no use. Running out of options - the only acceptable figure I am aware of in the scale is the Hinton Hunt Light Infantry bugler - slight mystery here, because I had one (painted up as HLI, which I sold to Ron through eBay!) yet I can't find it in the VINTAGE20MIL lists for HH.

Any other ideas? I need just 4 buglers. Is the new Hinton Compatriots range likely to extend to a Brit LI bugler in the near future? And would I need to buy complete battalions to get some?

As ever, all clues most welcome!



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  1. Hi,

    Sorry for delay just returned from Kentucky.

    I think perhaps the bugler may have been the Hinton Rifles Bugler - I also have several of these painted as LI Buglers.

    I have no current plans for British Rifles in the HC range. However there has been some interest in British Light Inf in conjunction with British in Stove pipes for the peninsula.

    Not sure if these will be soon enough but if these materialize I'll post here.