Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personal Wants List - first ever post....

This is definitely sticking a cautious toe in the water - Ron, if this is inappropriate then please strangle it.

I'm currently working on adding a 1812-vintage Spanish division to my Allied Peninsular army. There is precious little in the way of suitable figures for this - if you don't want 1808 guys in bicorns or those pantomime grenadiers with the jelly-bags hanging from their hats. I have a number of these little OOP fellas - Minifigs s-range Spanish infantry advancing - catalog #SN-1s - and I could use a bunch more of them. Anybody have any? - painted? - unpainted?
Anybody fancy doing some casting? I approached Minifigs US, and they seemed quite interested in producing some copies, then suddenly the radio went dead, and now they won't reply. If anyone would be interested in a little judicious repro work - just in the interests of reseach, of course...
Seriously - anyone got any SN-1s, please get in touch.


  1. No problem with post - yes I see your dilema - Napoleon Miniatures only have bicornes and tophats militia - unfortunately I do not have any of the s-Range Spanish - otherwise you would be welcome to them.
    I suck at casting - but I haven't tried that new cold cure stuff that's available that is supposed to be good!

  2. Tony,

    Putting legal and ethical issues to one side for a moment, drop casting that figure from a homemade silicon mould would be a frustrating and probably unsuccessful enterprise - the gap between the arms, musket and body is a big problem for an amateur moulder. 'Flat/2D' poses such as marching mould easily, but that pose would not, and the mould would likely crumble rapidly. You'd need a professional vulcanising setup to mould that figure properly. I guess that probably means finding more vintage castings is your only real option - good luck.

  3. On reflection you could mould that figure successfully if you detached the musket - i'd mould the musket (with hands attached) separately. Food for thought..

  4. DC - I don't have an email address for you or I would have invited you to join this blog as an author.

  5. Thanks Ron - i've been meaning to ask! is the address i set up for the blog. cheers.

  6. I can do them.
    A) I can do you an original. Cost around £50 plus cost of casting (low)
    B) I can copy this. as many as you want no prob.

  7. How do Hinton Hunts compare in size to 20mm RSM95s Napoleonic?