Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personal Wants List - first ever post....

This is definitely sticking a cautious toe in the water - Ron, if this is inappropriate then please strangle it.

I'm currently working on adding a 1812-vintage Spanish division to my Allied Peninsular army. There is precious little in the way of suitable figures for this - if you don't want 1808 guys in bicorns or those pantomime grenadiers with the jelly-bags hanging from their hats. I have a number of these little OOP fellas - Minifigs s-range Spanish infantry advancing - catalog #SN-1s - and I could use a bunch more of them. Anybody have any? - painted? - unpainted?
Anybody fancy doing some casting? I approached Minifigs US, and they seemed quite interested in producing some copies, then suddenly the radio went dead, and now they won't reply. If anyone would be interested in a little judicious repro work - just in the interests of reseach, of course...
Seriously - anyone got any SN-1s, please get in touch.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New & Reproduced Vintage Figures available from John Cunningham

Les Higgins Marlburian - New Figures (From Ron Marshall Collection)

Les Higgins ECW (from Ron Marshall Collection)

Les Higgins - Marlburian 36 poses/variants, figures 35p, horses 45p, guns £2 GBP (2 more figures to be added shortly)

Les Higgins - English Civil War 14 poses, figures 40p, horses 45p, gun £2 GBP (2 more figures to be added shortly)

Douglas Miniatures - Marlburian 7 poses figures/horses 40p GBP ( Horse Grenadier to be added shortly)

Irish Piquets ( suitable 1740s, WAS/Culloden) 8 poses 50p GBP (range to be expanded to include British Grenadiers)

Sepoys (Wellington in India) 6 poses (Madras, Bengal, Bombay) Euros 80 cents each ( more to come)

Akalis (Sikh Fanatics) 7 poses, Euros 80 cents each

Wodensfeld - Seven Years War French 36 piece set, includes command, marching, march attack, advancing, wounded etc, each figure is different, £18 GBP a set - (if demand is there, may sell single figures)

Place orders or request full details of all the ranges available from John Cunningham

will post anywhere at cost

Payment by Paypal only outside UK in GBP, Cheques accepted from UK buyers only

(Posted at the request of John Cunningham)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prefer Trade: 5 Original 25mm Hinchcliffe ACW9

see my list of wants (to be added)
You can contact me here: Lazylimey

Prefer Trade: 10 Original 25mm Hinchcliffe ACW3

see my list of wants (to be added)
You can contact me here: Lazylimey


Hi to all,

So what is the purpose or reason for this blog?

I and a lot of folks have spare figures lying around and also need certain figures.

We can always offer these on Ebay and the like or we can trade these figures among friends and save some of our cash.

This is a repository for all who wish to use it.

Nobody owns the blog and only inappropriate posts will be moderated out - some tidying up and labelling may also take place for consistency of layout and ease of access only.

There is no intention of any unfair skimming of figures by the moderator and all sales are completed privately by the participants by email. That is why the posts are only moderated afterwards as above. Everybody sees them at the same time.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome at anytime.

Good trading!